Amanda and Adrian are the type of people you’re automatically drawn to.  They are witty, smart, fun, and kind.  Magnetic.  Authentic.  They’re people I’ve had the huge delight in serving over the past months.  Among all the OKC wedding photographers, I can’t believe I’m the lucky one who gets to photograph their engagement session and wedding.  I can’t wait for their wedding day, as I stepped into many different roles: coordinator, stylist, florist and graphic designer.  Everything is going to be amazing and I’m freaking stoked.  It’s been a big challenge so far, but I have utmost faith that everything is going to make jaws drop and lend itself to the most beautiful wedding ever.  I’ve been able to hang out with these two on business terms a handful of times, so I’m extra excited that once the wedding day comes and goes, we can hang out as pals more.  They’re really goooooood people.  

These two have been together for a long time.  Longer than some marriages last.  They still look at each other like they’re in the first few months of dating.  Giddy, excited, eyes full of love.  They’re each other’s best friends.  I don’t toss the term “soulmates” around a lot, but I think Amanda and Adrian found one in each other.  It was a joy getting to photograph them.  They’re already beautiful humans, but they had a natural chemistry and playfulness that made shooting so much fun and inspiring.  I only stepped in and directed if I was wanting to try something specific.  Otherwise, these two led the session with ease and grace and good humor.

For their engagement session, we walked around downtown OKC, got a little weird, and laughed a whole lot.  I haven’t laughed that hard in a session in a really long time.  It could have been the pre-session margaritas we had beforehand.  Who knows?
A few of these shots were Wes Anderson inspired.  See if you know which ones I’m talking about.  

Peace and blessings,


Images by OKC wedding photographers, Rachel Photographs.