I was raised on stories.  Bedtime stories.  Stories around the dinner table.  Flipping through stacks of photos and asking the story behind it.  Entranced with reading.  In love with listening and observing and writing. But…I was really freaking terrible at telling stories out loud and way too shy to let people read my writing most of the time. When I figured out I could bring narratives to life with images I took, my mind was blown, one thing lead to another, I became a wedding photographer, and thus we have the base of my photography style: story-telling.  

I was also raised to be myself-to not follow the pack, but to set my own trail.  I didn’t really fit in anywhere in school, but was friends with everyone.  I’m naturally curious, experimental, and I am terribly inspired by art, so my photos reflect those things as well.  You won’t find another wedding photographer with my exact style.  I try hard to stand out from the sea of trendy photographers while still remaining modern, fresh, and relevant.  We may get a little weird.  We may experiment a little.  Whatever we do, we’ll make it fun.  When you get your gallery, not only will you receive hundreds of beautiful images and moments, but each one will be pre-critiqued and edited to give you the best angle, lines, and compositions as possible.  Your story told from beginning to end in the most cohesive and creative way I p0ssibly can.

I’m here for those who march to the beat of their own drum.  For the artists and the dreamers and the homebodies and the nostalgic.  For those who seek joy in the smallest moments, laugh with reckless abandon, and want to punch Boring in the face.  I’m here for those who don’t take life too seriously, but also realize what a gift it is.  I’m here for the brave and the bold and the fun and the quirky ones.  The ones searching for real, holding steadfast for honesty, and delighting in whimsy.  I’m here for those who are desperately in love and the best of friends.  

With all that said, over the years I’ve figured out that I’m not the right fit for everyone and not everyone is the right fit for me.  And that’s okay.  For for those wanting modern, honest, and thoughtfully-made photographs for your wedding day-something un-typical— let’s chat. 


+ couples who are in love and aren’t afraid to show it 
+ weird/dark/dry senses of humor
+ foodies
+ people who like to have a good time
+ those planning an outdoor wedding
+ or a wedding in a really modern venue
+ any wedding you’d describe as eclectic, minimal, artistic, fresh, fun, mid-century, modern, organic, or intimate.
+ couples who make the day all about them
+ non-traditional weddings
+ tattoos and alternative hair colors
+ new traditions
+ couples who value photography + art
+ those who don’t mind the wind in their hair or mud on their shoes
+ trust
+ taco bars at weddings
+ dogs at engagement sessions
+ couples who can make each other laugh
+ and those who value their marriage more than their wedding day
+ people who know their wedding day won’t be “perfect” but that it will still be the best damn day ever.  
+ those who get doooown on the dance floor (or by the food or bar-whatever)
+ flowers on flowers
+ first looks
+ a well-organized timeline with enough time for photos
+ those who want help on what to wear/what to bring/where to get ready/etc.
+ people who become my friends even after their wedding day

…..i love you…but no.

+ dark and/or cluttered venues
+ bridezillas or groomzillas or motherofthebridezillas or any zillas okay?
+ colored uplighting
+ the chicken dance
+ bad DJs
+ cramped timelines
+ the current president and a vast majority of his viewpoints
+ tradition for tradition’s sake (ie: to make everyone happy)
+ vendor meals
+ yellow lights
+ fake flowers
+ iPad/iPhone fauxtographers who disrupt important shots
+ videographers who ask to repeat moments over and over again
+ people who don’t care about their photos
+ drunk people who try to take my camera from my hands and proceed to try to take photos with it
+ those who assume I’m not the lead photographer because I’m a woman
+ super-posey shots
+ asking me to make you “skinnier” in photoshop
+ shot lists

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