Michele and Emmanuel have quite the story.  A long distance love that endured hundreds of miles and many long months.  A promise that spanned across the US and back and back again.  They chose each other.  They chose to make it work.  They chose to love one another despite not seeing each other every day or week or month.  A bond and a foundation stronger than strong.

And now, finally, they’re together.

This wedding at One Eleven East near Austin, TX was a complete dream. The prettiest venue I’ve ever laid eyes on, modern and eclectic touches, tacos and margs and moscow mules and donuts and cake and dancing and a photo bus and and and it was such a fun day.  Michelle rocked the hell out of her dress (with pockets!) from Lovely Bride and her blue suede shoes from Steve Madden.  With her bridesmaids standing next to her in shades of blue and tons of eucalyptus to hold, Michele vowed to Emmanuel to be his best friend forever, and he, to her.

After vows were said, tacos and margaritas were had.  Fountains of queso and salsa and guacamole flowed (okay-not really fountains, but chips and dips aplenty), people got down on the dance floor or gathered and mingled on the patio.  Guests spent their time boogie-ing, taking photos in the photo bus (I want one), and catching up with the bride and groom or old friends.  And that was all before the mini donut truck arrived (!!!). It felt like the best party ever.  It was the best party ever.  Like, I can’t even with these two.

But, as we all should know: it’s not about the details or the cool food trucks or the decor that makes a wedding so special.  It’s about the love two people share-a connection that withstands hardships and heartache and decides over and over again to love fully and to give fully.  It’s about the couple and their partnership.  Nothing else matters.  That’s why I do what I do.

Though, I will 100% be using some of Michele’s and Emmanuel’s ideas some day if I ever get married. ;)

I’ve talked enough.

Photos by Oklahoma City, Denver, and Austin Wedding Photographers: Rachel Photographs