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I think I have the best clients in the world.
They leave me nice notes and write the sweetest things.
Here are some nice things they have said:


“Having Rachel as a photographer for our wedding was a great choice! Not only because she is a great personal friend, but because she has a great talent for photography. She pays such great attention to detail and always makes sure that she gets every shot she can. Our wedding day was much like a lot of other wedding days, BUSY! Rachel was so patient with us as we prepared for our big day, and was able to catch a ton of great candid shots in the process. We really didn’t have many ideas as to what we wanted when it came to our pictures, all we knew was that we just wanted them to be “in the moment,” and capture all the memorable details of our special day, big or small. Rachel totally picked up on that and used her gift to capture amazing photos. There were a lot of people who came to our wedding, and there was so much going on, especially during the reception, but Rachel was able to capture so many different moments and details. There were times where something may happen that we wanted a picture of, and she was right there to get the shot. I know how passionate she is about her gift, and she makes sure to be at the top of her game. Rachel knows what is popular among photography today, and stays current with the technology to produce the clearest shots. If you have a wedding, or any other event coming up, and you want to remember it with some brilliant photography, then Rachel is the obvious choice. You will not regret it, I promise!” - Audrey and Jordan McSperritt, Bride and Groom


“Rachel did such a wonderful job photographing our wedding. We were so blessed to have her there. Her willingness to help us within 2 weeks of our wedding was absolutely amazing. We chose to use Rachel because we liked the artistic feel in her pictures. Even though we didn’t get much time to meet and get to know each other she did such a great job at capturing the candid moments that make us a couple who we are. [Regarding receiving their photos]: RACHEL THEY ARE BEAUTIFUL!!!! THANK YOU THANK YOU!!!!.” - Nicole and Dary Dorris, Bride and Groom


“Rachel is amazing!! I couldn’t have asked for a more perfect photographer!!! Her pictures she took of our wedding were absolutely gorgeous. My husband and I both loved her!! She was so friendly and easy to work with!!! She took all of our ideas into consideration and also came up with many awesome ideas for us herself! She was so easy to work with and I appreciate it so much!!!! I would recommend her to anyone who is looking for a creative and awesome photographer!! She is wonderful!!!” - Paige Hines, Bride


“We recently had the pleasure of working with Rachel. We had an engagement session scheduled and we were both pretty nervous about it; having someone to document our PDA is kind of nerve-racking! However, as soon as we arrived, Rachel made us feel completely comfortable. She gave us helpful direction without making us too pose-y. She let us interact the way we normally do and captured our moments beautifully. When she says she loves to document love, it is so true, and it is so evident. From the moment our session began to the moment we ran through the sprinklers at the end, we never felt awkward; and the experience made us feel more in love after than we did before.

She finished our photos so quickly! We were expecting to wait weeks and she got them to us within a few days! As soon as I saw them, I cried (just a little!). They are perfect, better than we could have imagined. Planning a wedding is stressful, but I know that with Rachel on our side, our wedding day memories will be flawlessly and beautifully captured and we have nothing to worry about.” -Sarah and Cary Cody, Bride and Groom


Rachel and her team do amazing work. My husband hates his photo being taken and Rachel Photographs captured the most candid moments without a fuss. The pictures of our wedding looked like something out of a magazine. Trust Rachel Photographs to capture the most beautiful natural photographs with ease and style. Our wedding was one of the happiest days to date and Rachel Photographs was able to capture every happy memory, even the ones we didn’t get to see at the time. Rachel and her team captured truly classic shots that I will cherish forever. Thank you for giving us such beautiful memories!” - Francesca and Andy Clifford, Bride and Groom


“Our experience with Rachel was amazing. She captured images from our big day that I never knew could be taken in such a magical way. Rachel is a true artist and if you have the opportunity to work with her, you too will see just how phenomenal her work is. Patient, kind, sweet, and beautiful, Rachel gave us images that we will treasure forever. Thanks again!” - Lauren and Ryan Higginbotham, Bride and Groom
When I started planning my wedding I knew that choosing a good photographer was a top priority. Years ago when my parents got married they chose a photographer who didn’t have much experience and wound up with only 2 photographs to remember their special day. When I saw Rachel’s online portfolio I remember thinking that it was exactly the look I had dreamed of for our wedding day. Our location made planning shooting times a little difficult but Rachel was such a good sport all the way through, giving us several date options so we could choose one that worked with our busy schedules and then driving to Tulsa for the engagement and bridal portraits. I love how she enthusiastically jumped on board with our ideas, like shooting in a greenhouse. She even helped wrangle our dog when we decided to bring him along for the engagement shoot. When she wasn’t taking photos on the wedding day she was lending a hand helping us set things up. On top of all these wonderful things, we were crazy about all of the photos we received. Choosing Rachel as our photographer turned out to be an even better choice than we could have dreamed it would be.” - Whitney Tsambikos, Bride


“Seriously, I’m absolutely in love with all the photos you took. You both caught every moment I wanted! When my step siblings got married in the last few years, they were both disappointed in how their photos turned out. My mom was worried mine wouldn’t turn out good and when she saw how both you and Colleen were there for every moment she knew they would be wonderful. When she saw them, she said you were incredible and how special you made the wedding for Charlie and me! Thank you a millions times and more. ❤️” - Haleigh Beach, Bride


“You are magical. Thank you so much for these awesome pictures. I’ve enjoyed watching and reflecting on that blessed day! Thank you for being part of it and for capturing it all so well!” - Katie Pakzad, Bride