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Rachel Photographs is founded upon my deep love of three things:
Art, Human Connection, and Storytelling.  My goal is to listen intently,
to grow often, to inspire as much as possible, and to share
the human experience with some good, kind souls.
What started as a hobby over half my life ago, has grown into my
deepest passion and one of my greatest joys.  I wake up every day
knowing that I am doing what I love.

Being a wedding photographer is so much more than taking pictures
at a wedding.  It’s developing friendships, observing moments, making
memories, photographing the small details and the bigger picture,
visually sharing the story of your love and your wedding day in all of its glory.
It takes guts.  It takes hard work.  It takes following instincts.
When I am given the freedom to create, backed by lots of trust,
that is when the magic happens.

I work hard to create images that we both will be proud to show off.
I’m an observer on your wedding day, quietly floating around
(unless I trip) watching for interactions, moments, and photos to take.
I’ll also be there as a friend, doing my best to make sure you and
your babe are comfortable and taken care of.
I edit meticulously, delivering a cohesive and flowing story of your day.
Typically, photos are edited while jammin’ to the
best of the 90’s hiphop station.
Your photos turn out better that way.

I am abundantly grateful to spend my time with some of the
greatest people ever, doing what I’m really good at and what I love.
There’s not a lot better than that.


Yes please:

Couples who are freaking in love and aren’t afraid to show it + symmetry and composition
+ first looks + following your heart + personal style coming through +  thinking/doing outside the box
+ trust + elopements + not following “wedding rules” + golden hour + overcast skies + lots of time for portraits
+ explosions of laughter + negative space  + taking risks + working together to make killer images.

No thanks:

Dark venues + family members who think it’s their wedding (but it’s actually not) + burlap +
lack of affection + shot lists + forced emotion/forced ANYTHING  + “rustic elegance” +
following traditions because you think you’re supposed to + stressful timelines + cheesy DJs.

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