Best of 2015 | OKC & Destination Wedding Photographer | Rachel Photographs

2015 was a big year for me on both personal and business levels.

Some personal highlights:

I got to go to Wizarding World of Harry Potter (a dream of mine); started dating my boyfriend, Roger, who rocks my world; adopted a puppy, Ira, who now weighs 60 pounds and is my best friend; got to travel to Florida, Texas, Missouri, Kansas, California, Oregon, Colorado, and Washington and made plans to travel out of the USA in 2016; sought help for my depression and anxiety (again); started working out at the gym (and then quitting…about to start up again) moved into a new house, purchased a new car (named Watson); celebrated good times with wonderful people, saw Chance the Rapper live (and a bunch of wonderful bands), checked off some bucket-list items; made new friends and rekindled old ones; and ate some good food.
The not-so-good…my best friend moved back to Florida; I was in my first car accident; and my family dog, Lucy, died after living 15 happy years on earth.

On the business side of things, I loved this year. I had dozens of engagement, bridal, senior, and lifestyle sessions. Each one different and wonderful. I photographed 40 weddings. 40 beautiful weddings, 80 stunning people in love, hundreds of hours poured out doing what I love most. I laughed at all the weddings, and sobbed at a few, too. I photographed my first LGBT wedding (and ended up having 4 for the year). YAY, EQUALITY! YAY, LOVE! I was published on some great websites, and also got word that a photo of mine will be the cover of the Oklahoma City Visitors Guide for 2016. I think I finally realized who I am as an artist and where my work is headed and where I want it to go. I saw growth in my work. I learned to say “no” when it was necessary and took more time out for myself.

The only downside I found in this year is that I actually took on too much work. As a result, I felt that my creativity seized up for a while and I was just running through the motions. No more of that. In 2016, I’m taking on a little less work just so I know I can dedicate myself to my clients completely and create work I’m proud of.

I’m so thankful for 2015 and the people who supported me in any way. Thank you for cheering me on, referring me, hiring me, encouraging me, and writing some of the sweetest “thank you” notes I’ve ever read. You make what I do so much better.

Here’s to 2016. May it be our best year yet.