In March, I received a wedding inquiry from a girl named Meghan. After looking her up on facebook (I’m pretty sure most, if not all, wedding photographers creep on their potential couples), I realized that I had been following her on instagram for a while. She’s really cool and I was SO STOKED to be able to shoot her wedding. Megh is a creative type. She dresses well, she crafts, she’s a photographer and stylist. So I knew her and Boris’ wedding would rule. But I had no idea it would be this amazing.

Megh is the type of person who laughs with her whole body. It escapes her mouth and moves down her spine. She exudes joy. She’s relaxed, a bit sassy, and one of the kindest people ever. Boris is such a great match for her. He’s from Bulgaria (which is really neat). I met him the day of the wedding and he was cool as a cucumber (do people still say that?). He’s easy going, funny, and welcomes you without any hesitation. I feel like I sort of knew Boris going into the day based solely on Megh’s Instagram posts. They’re such a dynamic couple.

Their wedding day exemplified them as a couple-relaxed, despite potential rain, beautiful (they’re freakin’ beautiful people), and simplistic. Megh had a beautiful vision that came to life. Tons of overgrown florals, the best stylish touches (her shoes make me swoooooon), Bulgarian traditions (which made me want to be one of those destination wedding photographers even more), tons of natural light, vows from the tops of their heads that made everyone laugh, flower crowns for her girls, a blue suit for Boris, and tons of laughter, dancing, photo taking, and love. This is one of my favorite weddings I’ve ever shot. I feel like I walked into a dream when I walked into Old Trinity. After the wedding, my fabulous second shooter, Colleen, and I went to go get a slice of pizza and we talked about how the day could not have gone better.

Megh and Boris-congratulations. You two rule. Let’s hang out sometime.

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Madlen Radulova
Beautiful and Happpy Newlyweds!! Congratulations! Greetings from Vidin: Neda, Boris and Madlen!
    Danka Stamenova
    Greetings from Vidin, Bulgaria! Stamenovi

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