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Overwhelming Gratitude

I remember one day when I still lived in Houston, TX (I was four, if that), I was coloring in a coloring book, with

The Wesners | Oklahoma City Lifestyle Photographer

About a month ago, I had the pleasure of flying to South Dakota with my mom and step dad to meet my new niece, Lily

The Hines Wedding | Oklahoma City Wedding Photographer

I know that I say that I have a blast at every wedding I shoot, and that is the truth, but I had an extra blast during

Into the Wild

Four best friends and I went camping this week for the Fourth. We cooked hotdogs and scorched our hands, set off

The Hein Wedding!

Things have been pretty slow around the blog. I’m finishing up my senior year of college, Ethan and I just moved

Rachel Photographs 2013 Goals

I NEVER go through with my New Years Resolutions. Out of the 30+ I make (I’m crazy in the first place for making

Why Being a Photographer isn’t Easy

I’m about to share with you all something that is constantly on my mind. I’ve debated whether or not


So, apparently, this blog post type has been circling the interwebs for some time now. My friends/fellow

Favorite album -> Love & War & The Sea In Between.

Guys. Josh Garrels is brilliant. He’s a christian artist without being the overly sappy, overly acoustic-y type

2013 // Goals

Happy New Year! Sorry I’m 4 days late. But, hey, better late than never, right? I’m here to share my 2013

Our Engagement Photos // Part 1.

About a month ago, Ethan and I ventured out to take a few engagement photos. We had approximately 20 minutes of good

Dealing with Low Self Esteem and Body Image

Let’s just jump right into this, okay? For about 11 years, I’ve been dealing with low self esteem and body

Pazlie and Kyson -> mother and son

I had a lovely time shooting Pazlie and Kyson a few weeks ago. Pazlie is so gorgeous and Kyson is such a cutie. I may

Sarah and Andrew // engagement session

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Fifteen Facts

Just like Amanda, I also love some random facts. I realize that this is my blog and website, but many of my readers may