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Photography Workshop and Bohemian Stylized Shoot

HELLO EVERYONE! I am so so so excited to finally announce this. :)

Are you a photographer wanting to break into the wedding industry? Are you wanting to build your portfolio? Are you wanting something different to shoot? Do you want to grow creatively?

I have the perfect opportunity for you!

I’ve been teaming up with some of the best wedding vendors in Oklahoma to bring this to you all. My friend, Amanda, of Indie Jane Photography has been brain storming with me as well, and although she’s unable to be a part of the workshop, she’s been helping plan this ever since I brought the idea to her.

If you’re a bit lost, please let me explain:
I’m basically putting on a “mock” wedding for everyone! It’s a great way for photographers to network with other photographers, wedding vendors, and creative, inspirational, likeminded people.
Since photographers don’t ever get to shoot a wedding they’ve designed, coordinated, and dreamt up, I thought I’d do the next best thing-this!

We’ll have models posing as a “bride” and “groom” as well as a small “wedding party.”
There’ll be decor, THREE cakes, a bridal gown, custom jewelry and shoes, vintage things, tons of gorgeous florals, an awesome venue, and all the personal touches that photographers dream of. AND YOU GET TO PHOTOGRAPH IT.
Think bold colors, whimsical and nature inspired touches, a bohemian/hippie vibe, and some vintage flair thrown in. It’s basically my dream wedding, and I get to shoot it. ;)

I’ve been working my butt off on this, and I can personally guarantee that it’s something you won’t want to miss. I’ll blogging again soon, letting everyone know of the vendors involved and some inspiration photos.

I’ll also be hosting a Q&A session, which is a great opportunity for you to ask me any questions regarding photography, business, equipment, the wedding industry, editing, style, or what my favorite color is (it changes almost daily). I want to get to know you all and help you out.
If you’ve ever wanted to hang out with me but have been too shy, now’s your chance! We can shoot, laugh, learn, and produce some ridiculously beautiful images.

If you’re interested in attending this workshop and event, I’m only opening up 15 seats, and it’s first come, first served. I think it’s a wonderful opportunity to grow and learn and I encourage everyone to jump on it.

****** CLICK HERE TO BUY A SEAT. *******
If you book by March 17 and use the promo code 50OFFBY317, you’ll receive $50 off your original seat price of $250. :)

Again, I’m so stoked for this. Wooooohooooo!

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