Jessi and Kris (the most stylish couple I’ve ever known…Jessi is for real a style icon of mine) met where all true modern romances do: Tinder. Jessi + Kris’ first date started out like a romantic comedy: he complimented her dress, she responded by blurting out, “Do you want to meet my ferret???”, but these two hit it off and the rest, as they say, is history.

I loved how they kept things super-minimal and found inspiration in modern neutrals, clean graphics, and a color palette of white, black, and deep greenery. Want to know a Never-Before-Seen-But-I-Definitely-Want-To-See-More-Of-This Trend? The pastor followed up the exchange of rings with a request for the selfie stick and a groosman whipped one out. Jessi and Kris took a friggin selfie with all their guests just before the first kiss as man + wife. Like.  Come on.  Iconic.

They made my job very easy (Jessi is an actual model and Kris has had his fair share of being in front of a camera).  Like, I felt as though I hadn’t even worked when I finished up for the day.  I felt GREAT.

These badass babes also graced the cover of Brides of Oklahoma (the image is included in this post-see if you can spot it), and were featured over on Green Wedding Shoes.
One of their wedding images also made it into Junebug’s Best of the Best Wedding Photos of the Year.  WHAT.  I died.


Photography: Rachel Photographs
Venue: CHK | Central Boathouse, Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, USA
Florals: Whole Foods
Wedding dress boutique: Prescott Bridal
Jessi’s shoes: French Connection
Hair stylist: Cat Smith
Makeup artist: Dakota Gwaltney
Kris’s attire: Ty Hirtzel and ASOS
Kris’s shoes: ASOS
Catering: Cosabella Cuisine
Cake: Uptown Grocery

Brb, going to Uptown Grocery to buy myself a giant cake.
Peace and Blessings.