There are a lot of things I could say about Jess and Eric. That they’re hilarious, down-to-earth, laid back, and fun. That they are truly each other’s best friends. That even though Jess HAD A BROKEN FOOT on her wedding day, they smiled nonstop anyways. They’re those kinds of people-the ones who welcome you and treat you like family. The ones who make sure everyone is comfortable and taken care of before they think of themselves. They’re the most genuine couple of people I’ve ever met and getting to be there through their engagement and wedding was a dream.

Some things I figuratively drooled over: the entirety of their wardrobes. Jess looked like a rad bohemian angel and Eric can pull off a bright blue suit better than anyone. Jess had a flower chain instead of a traditional bouquet, which I thought was the coolest thing ever. Their first look was the sweetest I think I’ve ever witnessed-both tearful and full of laughter. Once Eric was finished expressing his admiration to Jess, Jess said to him “You’re looking pretty good, too” and Eric responded with “Well, of course I do. It’s my wedding day.” And then they laughed and I laughed and my fabulous second shooter, Colleen, laughed. Everything about this day, from their cactus altar to the ferns lining the tables to the floating flowers and risotto bar was amazing. Hooray for doing things how you want to do them and paying no mind to trends or Pinterest (too much).

Let’s talk about their love story, too. Because I’m pretty sure a movie should be made about it.

Eric’s mother, Lynn, was diagnosed with cancer some years ago and Jess was her nurse. Jess and Eric had never met, but Lynn did a bit of match making while Jess was on the clock. While Jess took care of her, Lynn slowly started asking Jess about her life and then would relay the information back to Eric, and I think Eric liked it. Slowly but surely Lynn’s health began to improve. A few days after she finished her treatment, Jess and Eric went on their first date. The rest is history. Lynn is now cancer-free and now her nurse is now her daughter in law.

During the reception, I overheard Lynn say to a friend “You know, I’m thankful I got cancer, because otherwise this may have never happened.” And then I started crying.

So, to Jess and Eric, two of the greatest souls alive, thank you and congratulations.

Photos by Rachel Photographs, Destination and OKC Wedding Photographers.