This day had me smiling from ear to ear. It was the most perfect laid back affair ever. Fresh flowers, a pink dress and a polka dotted bow-tie, braids, dogs, family traditions, rows and rows of tomatoes, hummingbirds, sunflowers, family farms, mango sorbet, homemade food with veggies from the farm, a stringed quartet and a choir made up of loved ones, clogging, lots of kisses, golden light and horses, songs written by the groom and performed for Elisa, and the most natural, authentic, and moving love I think I’ve ever witnessed. John and Elisa’s wedding was amazing through and through and I’m so excited they had me there to photograph it.

Colleen (my lovely second shooter) and I drove to Slick, OK for this wedding. It was held at The Groom Ranch. Colleen and I about died when we saw the venue. Long, family styled tables covered in light pink table clothes and navy books with fresh flowers, photos of the couple, and golden dinosaurs. Pink and navy and cream and brown bunting over the whole reception area. Hanging flowers under one of the archways. Cornhole. Haystacks. I could go on and on about how beautiful this day looked, but the thing I loved the most was watching Elisa and John interact with each other. I’ll stop typing now and just let you all look at the photos, because I love them a lot.

Congratulations to The Milleas!

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Thanks for capturing the joy of this day!
All of this is perfect. Especially in love with... 1. Her pink dress & gorgeous bouquet. 2. Flower barrels & aisle flowers <3 3. Hanging flowers. 4. That arch! 5. Close-ups of the crowd.

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